Sam Milby gets hit in the groin during shooting of ‘A Family Affair’

Sam Milby during a scene from A Family Affair.

Accidents do happen when shooting a scene and Sam Milby painfully realized this while shooting a fight scene with a co-star in ABS-CBN’s “A Family Affair”.

When someone asked cast members Jameson Blake, Gerald Anderson and Milby what their most memorable scene was during the finale mediacon for the series, the latter recalled that one scene where there was supposed to be a scuffle and he was accidentally hit in the groin.

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“May isang eksena na intense scene na nag-aaway kami ni Paco. Umawat si Seb. ‘Yung pag-awat niya, (sumigaw siya), ‘Tama na!’” Milby recalled showing through hand gesture that he was hit in the groin during a fight scene with Anderson’s character. Seb, who supposedly intervened in the scene, was played by Jake Ejercito.

(There’s one intense scene where Paco and I were fighting, and Seb had to intervene. When he intervened, he shouted ‘enough!’”

That was when Milby grimaced in pain, but he still opted to proceed with the shooting.

“Oh, my God, ang sakit sobra. Pero itinuloy ko pa rin ang eksena. Tinapos ko pa,” Milby recalled. (Oh, my God, it was really very painful. But I went on with the scene. I finished it.)