Ruffa Gutierrez’s daughters in tears as 12-day reunion with their dad Yilmaz Bektas ends

Ruffa Gutierrez’s daughter Lorin and Venice with their dad Yilmaz Bektas (Image: Instagram/@iloveruffag)

Ruffa Gutierrez’s daughters Lorin and Venice were emotional as they ended their Turkey trip and said goodbye to their dad Yilmaz Bektas.

Gutierrez gave a glimpse of the father-and-daughters moment at the airport where Yilmaz sent off Lorin and Venice, as shown on the actress’ Instagram page today, June 23. Yilmaz can be seen hugging and kissing his two daughters who were crying.

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“12 days with their father after 15 years of not seeing each other was certainly a trip Lorin and Venice will never forget for the rest of their lives,” Gutierrez said. “I can’t wait to hear all about it when they get home in time for my birthday.”

Gutierrez expressed her gratitude to her friends and fans who have sent their well wishes and shared their heartwarming stories with her. She then spoke about hope as she addressed those who are in the same situation with them.

“Reach out to your estranged loved one today and remember that as long as you’re alive, there’s always hope,” she said. “May your past no longer block your view of the present.”

Gutierrez also thanked Yilmaz and his family in Turkish. The actress then looked forward to the father and daughters’ next reunion while adding the hashtag “In God’s perfect time.”

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