Rufa Mae Quinto brings out wacky side of ‘TOLS’ lead actors

From left: Shaun Salvador, Kelvin Miranda, Rufa Mae Quinto and Abdul Raman

Kelvin Miranda, Shaun Salvador and Abdul Raman—the lead stars of new GTV sitcom “TOLS”—aren’t natural comedians. But working and sharing the screen with the likes of Rufa Mae Quinto unwittingly brought out their goofier, more lighthearted sides.

“She’s so kalog that sometimes I would forget my lines. It was so fun because she was able to know each of us well, so when we’re having a hard time, she knows how to help us. And without even trying she livens up the scene. You will just have to feed on what she’s giving to make the sketches work,” Kelvin said.

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“We’re honored that it was us she worked with in her comeback to television,” he added. “We learned so much from her on the set.”

Coproduced by Merlion Events Production and GMA7, the sitcom, which airs every Saturday starting June 25, follows the story of the Macaspac triplets Uno (Kelvin), Dos (Shaun) and Third (Abdul), who grew up separately and estranged from one another, because their mother, Barbie (Rufa Mae), had to leave them to different relatives when she flew to Japan to work.

After many years, Barbie returns home to reunite with her sons. However, the boys still harbor resentment toward her, so Barbie tries her best to win them over. To make ends meet, the family revived their father’s barbershop, which they turned into a barber-salon hybrid manned by straight male stylists.

“I’m not a comedian but in listening and trusting my costars, the magic comes out. Comedy is difficult, but the more I do it, the more I enjoy the process and the more things I discover,” Kelvin added.

Big break

Abdul used to only see Rufa Mae on television when he was a kid. That’s why finding out he would be working with her, he said, was “overwhelming.”

“I learned a lot of things from her… I’m not really a comedian, but I truly enjoyed the experience—I think even more than drama. Comedy seems more challenging, too,” said Abdul, who considers the show one of his biggest breaks yet. “It’s my first sitcom and first lead role, so this is a big break for me. I’m excited and thankful to everyone involved.”

“I love working with everyone. They’re fun to be with and are very professional. That’s why the mood on the set was always light. We push each other to do better,” he added.