Pia Wurtzbach conquers her first NYC marathon: ‘Best run of my life’

Image: Instagram/@piawurtzbach

Pia Wurtzbach has finished the 42-kilometer New York City marathon, her first ever marathon race which she described as the “best run of her life.”

The Miss Universe 2015 titleholder reflected on her experience while showing photos of herself and those who cheered for her during the race,  through her Instagram page on Monday, Nov. 7.

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“I did it! We did it!” she said. “The NYC Marathon wasn’t a race, it was an experience. A life lesson. Probably the best run of my life.”

Wurtzbach spoke about how she committed herself to running to “step out of [her] comfort zone” and “see how far [she] can go.” She also considered such activity as a “new challenge and discipline” which she vowed to stick to no matter what.

“This medal represents how important it is that we keep the promises we make to ourselves,” she stated. “Over the years, I got used to being at the service of others and most of my decisions revolved around work or pleasing others. This time, I stuck by running a marathon for me.”

“This was my way of taking care of myself. And now, it has enriched my life so much because it has put me in a better place, so I feel recharged [and] energized to be of service to others,” she added.

Wurtzbach then thanked her friends and loved ones including her fiancé, Scottish businessman Jeremy Jauncey, who all supported and all the way from her training to the moment she reached the finish line.

“I’m grateful for all the support and cheering on ground and online. I saw your signages, your messages, and posts — kahit sobra yung kaba ko and yung pagod 5 hours in, lumalakas loob ko,” she concluded. “Pwede ko na ring sabihin ngayon: Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach from the Philippines, proudly a NYC marathon finisher.”

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