Miss Supranational raises age limit to 32 starting 2023

Miss Supranational 2022 Lalela Mswane. Image: Instagram/@misssupranational

The Miss Supranational Organization will now be accepting candidates up to the age of 32 years old, raising its age limit for its 2023 edition.

The organization announced that female aspirants who are aged 18 to 32 on the date of the Miss Supranational finals are now eligible to join the pageant, as per its Instagram page last Monday, Nov. 21.

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“The Miss Supranational Organization, after a survey conducted among national license holders, will accept women between the ages of 18 and 32 starting from 2023,” it stated. “Each national organization will continue to have the final say in determining the most appropriate requirements for the country they are working in.”

Previous editions of Miss Supranational accepted candidates aged 18 to 28.

Meanwhile, the Mister Supranational pageant is now accepting delegates who are 20 to 34 years old on the date of the Mister Supranational finals.

On top of the age requirements, candidates should be identified female and male in official documents for Miss Supranational and Mister Supranational, respectively. Also, they must “never have been married or have had children.”

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