Levin Arguelles to have ‘Gazini moment’ in Mister International PH pageant

Filipino king Levin Carl Arguelles (2nd from R) poses with Mister International winners (from L) Jose Anmer Paredes of Venezuela, Trinh Van Bao of Vietnam, and Seung Hwan Lee of Korea. Image: Philippine Daily Inquirer/Armin P. Adina

MANILA, Philippines — Levin Carl Arguelles was supposed to represent the Philippines in the 2020 Mister International pageant in Thailand, but the competition was sidelined by the COVID-19 pandemic and his global assignment was held in limbo.

After more than two years since the global health crisis rocked the world, the Mister International contest has dusted its gears and is set to mount a competition this year. However, the Philippine franchise has changed hands, and now, the local organizers are different from the one that mounted the national search which proclaimed Arguelles as king.

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However, the new Mister International Philippines organization still took Arguelles under its wings, and got him involved in this year’s competition, the inaugural edition for the newly-established national contest.