Ken Chan appeals for assistance for fan club president suffering from kidney disease

Ken Chan with his fan Ghelay (Image: Instagram/@akosikenchan)

Ken Chan has asked the public for support and assistance for his fan club’s president, Ghelay, who is suffering from chronic kidney disease.

The actor made his appeal for assistance while showing himself with Ghelay on his Instagram page yesterday, June 28. Ghelay has been the president of Chan’s fan club, Ken-dy’s, for the past 10 years.

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“Today, Ghelay is facing a hardship I would have never imagined her to now be facing. Without any cause or reason, the sudden news of [chronic kidney disease (CKD)] stage 5, kidney failure has left us all broken and to say that this news has hit me like a pound of bricks would truly be an understatement — I am deeply saddened,” he said.

Chan described Ghelay as one of the “most supportive, kind-hearted and inspiring people” he has ever met. He also stressed that he will be there for his fan in her time of need, noting how she always uplifted him.

“In it’s simplest form, life is but a string of moments and Ghelay, you, still have millions upon millions upon millions more to come,” he told her. “Let’s do this together, together with our whole Ken-dy’s family, so we can multiply those millions upon millions upon millions of coming moments, that much more.”

Chan then pleaded to everyone “who has even but a gram of love to offer or spare” to join him and help Ghelay.

“Any step, no matter how small, is a step forward here, and truly, I could really use all of your incredible support and aid today,” he said.

Chan also attached Ghelay’s mobile wallet information (09161718906, Angelica Marie Z.) for those willing to send help to Ghelay.