International queen still dreams of Bb. Pilipinas crown

Binibini 40 Roberta Tamondong of San Pablo City, Laguna. Image: Philippine Daily Inquirer/Armin P. Adina

MANILA, Philippines — Roberta Tamondong gave the Philippines its first Miss Eco Teen International crown after a whirlwind appointment saw her packing her bags for Egypt for her first international assignment in 2020.

But after two years since that fateful night, the teen queen finds herself in yet another competition — the Binibining Pilipinas pageant, a national contest.

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“That’s one of my dreams, joining Binibining Pilipinas,” Tamondong said at a media gathering organized by health and wellness company ProMedia at Luxent Hotel in Quezon City on June 28.

The company hones “beauty athletes” and fields them in various national and international competitions. Tamondong is among the six ladies in the 2022 Bb. Pilipinas pageant that ProMedia is supporting.

The teen queen from San Pablo City in Laguna gushed when she shared her experience in having to scream the pageant’s popular catchphrase “once a Binibini, always a Binibini.”

What excites her even more about joining Bb. Pilipinas is the platform the pageant provides for women to use their voice for the causes they are passionate about. And for her, that is environmental awareness.

“It could really help us Filipino people to really strive and to take care of our environment. I really love taking care of our environment. And if you have the time, sustainable living is really what we need right now. Just small things can really make a big impact,” she explained.

Tamondong called on the global community to listen to those who are shedding light on the issue of climate crisis.

“As a beauty queen I can be the voice for the people who deserve to be heard, that climate crisis and even climate change can be relevant. I’m really, really happy and grateful that I’ve been given the chance to speak up on what I believe in,” the San Beda University student continued.