Experts: Protecting environment, growing economy ‘not mutually exclusive’

IMAGE Jerome Cristobal

MANILA, Philippines—The pandemic has exacerbated the country’s most pressing yet already existing challenges pre-pandemic, namely poverty, joblessness, hunger and malnutrition, learning disruption, natural disasters, and climate change.

At a recent forum organized by the leading think-tank Stratbase ADR Institute, experts said that the country’s biggest issues will be best addressed through efficient use of resources.

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However, in order to do so, it is important not to see environmental sustainability as a separate objective from economic recovery and development.

“What I see is not a crisis but an opportunity,” said Professor Victor Andres “Dindo” Manhit, founder and managing director of The Stratbase Group during the online town hall discussion called “Promoting an Investment-Led and Sustainable Economy” held on June 23.

“This is an opportunity to build a sustainable environment in partnership with the private sector, which has the capability to make investments that comply with international standards for ESG—environmental, social, and governance,” Manhit said.