Bea Alonzo, under lie detector test, says she wants prenup agreement with future husband

Image: screengrab from YouTube/Bea Alonzo

Bea Alonzo took on the lie detector test challenge and answered a few personal questions which included her plan of having a prenuptial contract with her future partner.

During the question-and-answer session, a real lie detector test machine was attached to the actress while a professional examiner gives a signal if Alonzo is telling the truth, as seen on her YouTube channel yesterday, June 25.

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“In the future, would you ever get a prenup?” a staff member asked Alonzo, to which she replied, “Yes. Feeling ko (I feel like) it goes without saying.”

The test yielded that she was telling the truth with her answer.

While she did not elaborate on her answer, Alonzo’s love life and experiences were also brought up after she was asked about her preferences in a partner. Alonzo supposedly lied after she claimed that she has good taste in men. Moreover, Alonzo admitted that she owes an apology to one of her exes although the actress did not name anyone.

Alonzo also revealed confronting someone over work ethic after the said individual spewed lies about her.

“Nung nag-30s ako — hindi naman confrontational na aawayin — ‘pag may naririnig ako or kapag may napapansin ako, mas upfront [na] ako,” she stated. “Kaysa isipin ko pa nang matagal tapos ako pa ‘yung magsa-suffer tapos mag-a-assume ako, then magiging away or magiging samaan ng loob, mas gusto kong ina-address right away.”

(When I turned 30, it was not like I would start an argument but I became more upfront when I hear or notice something [off]. Instead of thinking about it over and over again, and making myself suffer then assume something that will lead to misunderstanding, I prefer to address [the issue] right away.)