7 Lav Diaz films, 2 other PH movies featured in events abroad

Scene from “The Halt,” Lav Diaz.

Seven films of multi-awarded indie filmmaker Lav Diaz will be featured in a three-week exhibition and retrospective at the 2022 Brussels Arts Fair (Kunstenfestivaldesarts) in Belgium, “revealing Diaz’s storytelling instincts and sensibilities along with his filmmaking style, reminiscent of such cinematic poets as Andrei Tarkovsky, Robert Bresson and Béla Tarr.”

This was announced at the art fair’s official website, www.kfda.be. The event will run from May 7 to May 28.

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“In viewing [Diaz’s] films, one feels the crushing weight of his obsession with trauma, suffering and the darkest sides of humanity. In the bleakest of situations his ambitious and irrepressible search for poetry makes that through the painful truth glimmers of hope emerge,” stated the website about Diaz and his works.

To be screened are the following: “The Halt,” “From what is Before,” “Genus, Pan,” “Evolution of a Filipino Family,” “Heremias Book 1,” “Batang West Side” and “Investigation on the Night that Won’t Forget.”


When asked how important the event was to him, since he has already been the subject of retrospectives by international film festivals in the past, Diaz said: “Retrospectives connote maturity, not only in a person’s age but also in his art. This is similar to receiving Lifetime Achievement awards and other recognitions. It’s a way to remember and celebrate what an artist has been creating through the years.”

The director also told Inquirer Entertainment: “For me, this is a way to continue the discourse on the importance of arts, as well as on the ongoing cultural war. I promise to continue making films, particularly those that criticize human existence.”

The jet-setting Diaz, who is currently in Manila, has just finished making the film “Bihinang,” which tells of the situation of neglected indigenous groups in the Philippines.

Meanwhile, Zig Dulay’s short film “Black Rainbow” has been invited to participate in two significant film events abroad: The 2022 Moscow Children’s International Film Festival in Russia this April and the 2022 Harlem International Film Festival in May.